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TESTIMONIALS 1Shot Limpopo Hunting Safaris

Jan Jacobs 1 Shot Hunting Safaris is an amazing guy and PH and a great family man.He took such great care of my family on our hunting safari and Kruger National Park safari.


He is truly a professional hunter and the knowledge he has for hunting the animals is first rate. As a hunter myself for the last 40 years I can tell you he knows what he's doing and his staff are also very knowledgeable.


On a 10-day hunt I have never seen a man work so hard to get an animal, but he did for my wife and daughter. He is such a kind and patient man to take care of them and not to rush them, and let them go at their pace.


He also helped them pack their rifles up the mountains, they didn't ask he just volunteered and did it. He looked right at home and comfortable carrying it. Even though it was pink, he carried it like a man.


We were able to get all the animals that we wanted plus a few more. The food that his wife and daughter made us was amazing. We were never hungry, even my picky daughter liked the food that they served us. Jan's daughter went to pastry school and the desserts were to die for they tasted so good.


Jan and his family made us feel right at home with their hospitality and kindness. If you get a chance take the extra time and do Kruger National Park with him.


When my family went with him to Kruger it was a wonderful time, the knowledge he has of the animals and the birds were amazing. You know he's good when he can correct the rangers in the park and not offend them.


We had such a good time with Jan and his family. My wife already has our next trip planned with Jan at 1Shot Limpopo Hunting Safaris. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Clint Reeves From Utah,USA


Testimonial Jan Jacobs 1Shot Safaris Lim

G'day - I am AussieJohn from Australia.

I hunted with Jan Jacobs in June of 2019 for Nyala and did some local Limpopo Pre & Post Hunting Tours.

Jan put me in front of a beautiful mature Nyala Bull.


We also made a visit to the Bella Bella Elephant Encounter in Limpopo and it was an incredible experience!

I've made plans to go back in 2020 for a Mature Waterbuck and one of the Tiny 10 species!


AussieJohn Queensland Australia

Limpopo Hunting Safaris Jan Jacobs PH_ed
Bella Bella Elephant Encouter Limpopo
PH Jan Jacobs Braai Game Meats

My brother went on a guided hunt with 1 Shot Hunting Safaris Limpopo Hunting Safaris and talked me and my son and I into going. We went on a 5 day hunt, and had a fabulous time.


We were able to get 11 animals in those 5 days. We broke a record with the PH of getting 6 animals in one day. It was amazing.


The accommodations were great, and the food was even better. One of the cooks had been to culinary school, and we had some fabulous dishes.


We were there to hunt and we both hunted a lot in the truck and on foot. They wanted us to hunt and get the animals we came over for. They insured that we only shot at those animals that were big enough and would make great mounts.


It wasn't just about shooting animals. It was about the whole experience of making friends, enjoying the country, and learning about all the different animals in South Africa.


Now we got some great animals and I'm glad of the ones we got. We plan on going back as soon as possible. If you're going to hunt in South Africa use 1 Shot Safaris.


Jan does all the taxidermy himself. He has been doing it for 40 years and he they knows what he's doing and will make sure you have a successful hunt.


Rowdy Reeves From Utah, USA

1Shot Limpopo Hunting Safaris Testimonia

Johannes Fisker - Denmark


Hi, I'm Joe from Denmark and I have been hunting with 1 Shot Safaris in SA many times now over the last 10 years, and every time me and my wife has been there.


We have felt like we are part of the family and it's all professional with years of experience especially the taxidermy work... We are looking forward to bringing our children next year.

Regards Joe

Mr Fisker Testimonial Photo

Gene Dawes , 317-435-9466

I have been hunting in Africa for the last 10 years, while using several different PH guides. Jan Jacobs was the best of all my guides.


I was able to harvest 8 animals while under his guiding hand . He understands the African plains game as well as anybody and their habits.


He was very kind to me and took into consideration my own limits and abilities. He also is a kind gentleman who was fun to be with.


Jan now has become a friend for life. I for sure, would recommend him to anyone interested in hunting the animals of Africa.


Gene Dawes From Indianapolos USA

Gene Dawes Testimonial Photo  Jan Jacobs
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