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Limpopo Taxidermist Services

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Yes, that's correct. We offer inhouse Taxidermy Services to all out clients! PH Jan Jacobs is also an expert Taxidermist for all your South African wildlife. So, you can relax knowing your African game is skinned by your Taxidermy Staff and salted with all the care required to give you the best results.

Jan Jacobs has prepared hunting packages that include your taxidermy mount or skulls and skins... Jan can prepare your trophies so they can be packed and dipped ready for shipping to your taxidermist or mounted for export to your country as well.

Limpopo Zebra Shoulder Mounts Or Stunning Flat Skins
Zebra Shoulder Mounts Or Stunning Flat Skins

Limpopo Taxidermy Taxidermist Jan Jacobs
A Full Mount, Shoulder Mount Or Skull & Skin We Can Do It!

Beautiful Limpopo Nyala Taken By AussieJohn From Australia With 50 Cal Black Powder Muzzle Loader
Beautiful Nyala Taken By AussieJohn - John Wants A Pedestal Mount

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