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1 Shot Hunting Safari & Outfitter Packages are tailored to suit the individual hunter.
We have the best Limpopo Plains Game Packages available including taxidermy

Africa's Big 5 Dangerous Game Packages.
Cape Buffalo & Sable Packages.
Spiral Horn Slam Packages.
Springbok Slam Packages.
Eland & Kudu Packages.
Kudu & Sable Packages.
Tiny 10 Packages.

Contact PH Jan Jacobs to build you the best Hunting Safaris Affordable Package to suit your needs, with a bow, crossbow, black powder or rifle. It doesn't if you are a first time hunter to Africa, a returning hunter, or looking for a change. We will look after all your needs. 

Limpopo Hunting Safari Price List.jpg
Limpopo Hunting Safari Hunting Package Price List
Limpopo Hunting Package Price List
Limpopo Hunting Package Price 2021.jpg
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